Just Breathe


January always seems to be a transition month as we move away from holiday hustle and bustle and set our sights on keeping resolutions, setting goals and living out our intentions. If you are feeling discouraged and battling the post-holiday blues, you are not alone. Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay motivated and on track to achieve what I want for the year:

Stick to a schedule

Sure, life happens, but keeping your daily routine in tact can help combat curveballs. Avoid hitting snooze, make time for yourself in the morning, schedule your workouts, plan your weekly meals – do whatever it is that makes you feel whole and in control.


Really, it is that simple! If you are feeling overwhelmed by a situation or task at hand, take a quick walk around your home, office or block. Even a few minutes of stretching can be very beneficial.

Seek inspiration

Read that new blog post or watch an episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (anyone else feel the urge to get rid of all things that do not spark joy?) – turn to the source that uplifts you and sparks your ambition.

Implementing change is not always easy, but hey, before you know it, you will reap the benefits of your resolutions, goals or intentions.

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