Good Eats For A Good Cause: Mendocino Farms Gives Back With the Launch of Their Fall Menu

Meet the Fall Menu  Photo courtesy of Mendocino Farms

Meet the Fall Menu
Photo courtesy of Mendocino Farms


California based, Mendocino Farms and now Houston-beloved chef-driven sandwich and salad destination opened its doors in Rice Village this summer. Their new fall menu consists of tasty new entrée items, including the Pachamama Cubano Sandwich (Pachama Farm’s pork, nitrate-free honey ham, havarti cheese, jalapeno aioli, mojo de ajo sauce on a panini-pressed soft roll, $12.95), the Napa Vineyard Salad (mixed greens, curly kale, chopped romaine, farro, grapes, grilled feta, dried figs, shaved fennel, crushed honey roasted almonds with maple sherry vinaigrette, $10.25). The menu also features the famous Nam’s Schoolhouse Charity Banh Mi (grilled chicken thigh with lemongrass relish, spicy ginger pineapple slaw, cilantro, chili aioli on a panini-pressed soft roll, $11.25) – which to co-founders Mario and Ellen, represents way more than just a sandwich.

Mendocino Farms has always placed importance on giving back and supporting locally, and now the company is getting involved on a global-scale. recently they were inspired to expand their local vision to think globally. The company was inspired to expand their local vision by the co-founders’ daughter’s classmate, Nam Harrison.

In 2017, Nam visited his birth country of Vietnam for the first time since his adoption in 2007. After seeing the shack that an ethnic minority tribe used as a school, Nam selflessly decided to forego his birthday presents, instead asking his friends and family to help him raise money to build a new school for the children in Vietnam. 

Nam’s Banh Mi  Photo courtesy of Mendocino Farms

Nam’s Banh Mi
Photo courtesy of Mendocino Farms


When the Mendocino Farms co-founders Mario and Ellen found out about Nam’s effort to raise money in 2018, they decided to work with Mendo’s chef, Jeremy, to create a special charity banh mi for the menu to benefit Nam’s cause. With an overwhelming response from the Mendo’s community, thousands of sandwiches were sold that fall and over $10K was raised for the school. 

This past August, the Alua Primary was completed, thanks to Nam and the support from Mendocino Farms. In an effort to continue to raise money for school supplies, books and financial means for better educators, the sandwich will appear on Mendo’s menus nationwide and will run for the duration of the fall seasonal menu.

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