I caught up with The Vintage Contessa to talk spring trends. Here are a few of her picks for the season:

Let your bag root for our home team and hopefully inspire another World Series win.


Style that Moves You


Want to throw a knockout punch while dressed like a knockout? Savarese Fight Fit, Houston’s state of the art boxing gym, is in your corner with their retail offerings:

Define Your Inspiration asks the question “what moves you” with styles for every woman from working out to hanging out. DYI at Savarese includes chic pieces like comfy sweaters and sexy printed leggings and sports bras.

Issue 329 - a16.png

DYI Printed leggings

Available at Savarese

Issue 329 - a17.png

Rosé leggings

Feeling like the black sheep in your workout classes? Ditch the basic black for printed items from Goldsheep! Start with a pair of the line’s bold leggings - #roséallday is acceptable after a sweat session, no?

Issue 329 - a18.png

Gruff + Tumble boxer briefs

No lie, Noli has the cutest fit wear! Italian luxury performance fabrics and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques come together to create the line’s pieces with flattering silhouettes, durability and comfort. Whether studio or street, these pieces will have any girl feeling like a star.

Issue 329 - a19.png

Noli star two-piece set


Seat is not a threat for men who wear Rhone’s high performance workout and fitness apparel, which is engineered with world-class odor fighting technology. Pack a punch with activewear from Terez. Women of Houston will experience the joy of living loud and, with styles like these, knock ‘em dead!